What are the Best Sun Loungers in the UK?

Currently the market for sun loungers is thoroughly plagued by:

  1. Overpriced junk – With these you often pay for a ‘fancy’ brand name, and not much else.
  2. Low quality cheap imports – These will be cheap to buy, but rarely last more than one year.

Our recommendations will help you avoid these two problems. For each product we recommend, we’ll also give a link to where you can get it at the best price.

We’ve set three budget categories:

From £25 to £50

Our choices:

From £50 to £100

Our Choices:

The Best Sun Loungers between £25 and £50

The Lichfield Deluxe Camp Sun Lounger

This one is technically aimed at the camping market, but it is probably the best sun lounger for under £50. Thanks to its aluminium structure, it is incredibly light. It also folds completely flat. This coupled with the light weight makes it easy to pick up and store, or quickly pull out when the sun comes out – which is only usually a brief period here in the UK. Great for laying out in the sun whenever you feel like it. Great price for this level of quality too.

The Best Sun Loungers Between £50 and £100

Outsunny (Set of 2) Sun Recliners

The Best Sun Loungers Over £100

Keter Daytona

With this item the trick is to buy the (£11 or so) outdoor cover that goes with it. (Outdoor Sunbed Cover – here’s a link to it). This saves you having to worry about your nice new sunbed being attacked by the element.