Which Rattan Garden Furniture Should You Buy In 2018?

Rattan has become incredibly fashionable of late. Rattan garden furniture is typically made from a synthetic rattan. Natural rattan is made from climbing palm, which is technically not a wood but a liana. Natural rattan is unsuitable for outdoor use as it will deteriorate, and struggle to last more than 10 years when outdoors. The main culprits are frost and rain, which we have in abundance in the UK. Hence, when buying outdoor rattan furniture, don’t be put of by synthetic – it’s necessary. Also, the synthetic rattan nearly always originates from the Far East, just like natural rattan, and the weaving techniques are the same for both, meaning you’ll still have a very impressive looking product.

Now, when looking for rattan garden furniture, you’ll be subjected to the torrent of rubbish that exist of the market. The goal of this article is to show you the ones that are worth buying. We’ve structured this to show you a selection of the best outdoor rattan furniture by budget. Starting with items over £1k, and finishing with the best outdoor rattan for sale under £150. All items below are quality items, we filtered out the rubbish so you don’t have to.
Garden Rattan

The Best Rattan Garden Furniture Over £1000

Oakita Baby Royal Oval 

6 Person Dining Set

Beliani Canopy Loveseat

Covered Day Bed

Oakita Venice Dining Set

8 Chairs and Oval Table

Oseasons Morocco Flex 

8 Seat Dining Set

If your budget extends over £1000 then you’re in luck, as there is a great selection of high quality outdoor rattan furniture. Above is a list of what we believe are the best 6 choices out there. Which one is the choice of the bunch? We like the Alexander Francis Tuscany. It’ll seat up to 10 people comfortably, comes with a multi-year guarantee, has deep filled cushions, and will come fully assembled. And it comes in either black or dark brown, which means it should fit in with the style of any garden. Or, if you really want to splash the cash, the same brand do another model called the ‘Milano’, which is extremely luxious and very high quality – but in our eyes, the cheaper stablemate (Tuscany) is the one to have in terms of what you get for your money. Although, if you’re lucky enough to not be too worried about the extra cost, then the (almost £3k) Milano is a good buy.

The Best Rattan Garden Furniture Between £500 and £1000

Jago STZG30

8 Seat Dining Set

TecTake Aluminium 

Modular Sofa Set

YAKOE 50020 Papaver

Modular 9 Seat Sofa Set

Maze Rattan Porto 

Corner Group Sofa

Oakita Bali Loungers

2 Sun Loungers and Table

Oakita Barcelona 

6 Seat Dining Set

Between £500 and £1000 there’s a healthy selection of high quality items. Generally, at this budget you won’t get any large furniture sets (at least a good quality one), but you’ll be able to get a very good quality, family-sized, furniture set. Our favourite is the TecTake modular sofa set as it’s well under £1000 (well, it’s under £600), but is probably the best mix of quality and functionality in the sector. It’s aluminium frame is incredibly lightweight, but very strong and will last for decades. Also, it’s from TecTake, one of the biggest names in the industry, and the German firm delivers the perfect example of German engineering in their great products – the 8 seat modular sofa set is the one to have in their range. We also love Oakita’s 6 seat dining set which is a great quality item for the price. It will last for years and years when left outside, so it gives you the option to eat outside whenever the weather allows. Also, its a well-designed piece with a great, and very subtle, look.

The Best Rattan Garden Furniture Under £500

Abreo Algarve 

4 Seat Sofa Set

Harts Rattan Cube Set 

8 Seat Dining Set

TecTake Sun Isle Day Bed

5 Piece Covered Day Bed

Harts Rattan Corner Sofa

Corner Rattan Sofa Set

Abreo Dining Set

4 Seat Rattan Dining Set

TecTake Aluminium Modular

Rattan Sofa Set

There’s plenty of great rattan for sale under £500. The noise of the bunch is definitely Hart’s 8 seat dining set – 4 chairs and 4 stools. The is great as each chair gets a stool meaning this can be used as sun loungers for 4 people on those bright days. This is a lot of product for the price. It comes with a rain cover, meaning you can use it when ever the weather allows – even if it’s just been raining and the sun comes out, just take of the cover. The cushions are comfortable 5cm thick items which are water resistant and look great. The table is covered by 5mm tempered glass that is very tough. The frame of the furniture is powder coated so will not rust. And to top it off you’ll get a year warranty.

The Best Rattan Garden Furniture Under £150

Allibert by Keter Vermont

2 Seats and Coffee Table

LeisureZone Sofa Set 

4 Seat Sofa Set

Keter Vermont Reclining Chair 

Single Reclining Chair

What Exactly is Rattan?

Rattan is a climbing plant that is abundantly available, namely in parts of Asia, where for some rural communities it makes up the majority of their economy. Rattan is closely related to the palm tree. It’s a vine that can grow over 100ft, due to it extreme relative strength. What make rattan so durable and string is the core. This is what makes it so much more durable than other similar furniture materials like wicker. As mentioned in this article, natural rattan is not often used for outdoor furniture as it will fade when exposed to direct sunlight, and does not deal with frost and rain very well. For that reason, you will usually be buying garden furniture that is made of synthetic rattan.

Synthetic rattan is great as it is so long-lasting and nearly maintenance-free. To maintain, just give it a wipe clean every year. Or, its even been known for people to use a power washer to clean their synthetic rattan. A power washer is great as it will dislodge any dirt that is lodged within the weave. The beauty of a synthetic as opposed to natural rattan, is that you will never be able to tell the difference aesthetically, but can reap all the benefits of synthetic.

Quality rattan furniture allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather – even if that is rarely possible.