Which is the Best Inflatable Hot Tub in the UK?

When it comes to inflatable hot tubs (AKA inflatable spas), there’s a whole lot of rubbish on the market. The goal of this article is to show you (what we think are) the best inflatable hot tubs for sale today. This article will give out links to each item discussed, which will take you to the best price available at the current time. We’ve painstakingly filtered through the huge amount of junk products that exist when it comes to inflatable hot tubs. All the hot tubs listed are recommend by us and based on hours of research. Some will are better than others, and will suit your needs more, so read the summary for each. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget, there are some quite impressive items that are cheap in price, yet bring a lot to the table. Now, if you’re happy to spend a bit more, then you’ve got quite an impressive selection to choose from.

A high quality inflatable hot tub allows you to have a hot tub at your own house. No longer is it just the domain of the super rich. There are many products out there on the market that have an incredible array of features that deliver an experience on par with hot tubs that cost thousands of pounds. Being inflatable, this isn’t a permanent fixture. You can pick an choose when and where you want to use your hot tub. There’s no need for it to take up valuable space permanently.

Last Updated: April 2018

Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Spa Buying 101: (Here’s all you need to know)

  • Size: How many people will it seat. You can get products that seat up to 8 people comfortably, or even just get a 1 to 2 person tub. But remember if you buy a bigger one, it will need more water, more power, and more time to heat up.
  • Shape: Generally, there’s two choices – square or circular. Now, this is preference and you’ll have to pick which suits your needs better. If you want to fit the hot tub against square against something like a fence or wall, then buy a square design. Also, if you have an existing gazebo (or plan to buy one), then you may want to buy a coordinating shaped hot tub. Circular tubs generally use a bit less water, and can be better accommodating when we are talking about tubs that seat 6 or more.
  • Heat: All items listed below will heat up to at least a maximum 40 degrees celsius. However, some go to 42C. In reality, it’s very unlikely you’d want to go beyond 40C. Stepping into a 40C tub will be very uncomfortable for most people. You’ll most likely set it around 38C, which is fairly hot, but will allow for some temperature drop.
  • Portability: All inflatable products are portable, but the larger tubs will require more storage space than smaller ones. Sounds obvious, but its an important note – check you have a suitable storage space (where there’s no sharp object to puncture it).
  • Extras: Is your hot tub compatible with plenty of extra such as headrests, cupholder, etc? Well, if you’re buying a leading brand like Lay-Z-Spa, or MSpa, then don’t worry there is loads of compatible available extras to buy as and when you need them. But if you’re buying a less well known brand, check there are compatible extras available.

This is the ultimate buyers guide, showing you the best inflatable hot tubs for sale in the UK

So, let’s begin. Choose a category below that suits your budget and delve into the option we recommend.

Affordable Inflatable Hot Tubs – Under £400

MSpa Alpine 4

4 Seater

Lay-Z-Spa Siena Airjet

1 – 2 Seater

Lay-Z-Spa Miami

4 Seater

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs – Between £400 and £500

Lay-Z-Spa Paris Airjet

4 – 6 seater

MSpa Tekapo

6 Seater

Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Airjet

4 – 6 Seater

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs – Over £500

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco

6 to 8 seater

If we had to choose one?

We’d go for the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrogen Pro (Shop Here). It’s a 4 to 6 person sized item, so fairly large, and it’s a bit pricey. However,  great value for one of the best products offered by a great brand. Lay-Z-Spa has become the biggest name in the inflatable hot tub sector in the last decade. And the Hawaii is a gem in the range. It’s got a max capacity of 6 seats which is surely enough for most. The larger equivalent (the Maldives model) is over £200 more and, unless you really need the larger capacity, save the £200 and go for the Hawaii Hydrogen Pro. It’s got all the premium features, namely hydro jets as well as the air jets, and is very solidly built.

Or, if you want to work to a tighter budget. Go for the Hawaii Airjet (Shop here). It’s the same as the one we just mentioned, but it does with the hydro jets. However, it still has the 120 air jets – which to be honest, is the more satisfying feature.  In opting for this model you’ll save over £350. The only downside is the lack of hydro jets to massage your body. So, if you specifically want the inflatable hot tub to have massaging functionality, then you’ll have to pay for the pricier model. If you can do without it, then enjoy the cost savings.

Anyway, that should pretty much do it. You are now an expert on the best inflatable spas, and should be able to make an informed buying decision. Thanks for reading, and good luck in finding the right hot tub for you. 

The History of Hot Tubs:

Hot Tubs date back to before the 4th century BC. Back then it was simply hot rocks put in baths to create a warm spa – these were called calderas. However, the hot tub as we know today began to exist in the 1940s in the USA. Those were actually inspired by the Japanese Oruro that were first seen in 737AD. Ofuros are steep sides wooden baths. We can thank the brand Jacuzzi for the way we know hot tubs today – with hard shells and hydrotherapy jets. It was actually Jacuzzi that introduced the idea of hydrotherapy jets in their hard shell tubs (The brand Jacuzzi, doesn’t offer inflatable hot tubs). And here we are today, with inflatable options available that include hydro jets, air jets, and rapid heating systems. Many of which can be had for under £500.